Driven By Story And Fit For Purpose

Start with a story and then leverage/build hardware!

We are story first and foremost .. we don't find an experience to fit some hardware.

From our patented handheld weaponry to our patented full-motion simulators they all began with a concept and story.
• I want to battle in a giant mech really bad!
• I must defend my spaceship, load my turret!
• No more family friendly, get me my gun and put me in the dirt!

We dont just stop at the gaming, user flow has it's own story and we build custom hardware to enable the best user journey too.

From the kiosks you see below, scaling to concepts around entire locations we work tirelessy to get those vital details right as well!


Like good Ninjas at present we are stealthy, though we aren't shy about showing what we can do!

If the content here has you wondering about the opportunity to partner with us for activations, investment, licensing and raising the game then contact us below.